Pastor Jack & Jhael Hakimian's Bio

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Pastor Jack and Jhael Hakimian sensed God’s call in 2008 to move from Los Angeles to South Florida to plant micro-churches, disciple families, and do holistic ministry. They have passion for urban cities, cultural diversity and spiritual revival. They believe God is doing a great work in South Florida as He raises up a diversified body of Christians and Churches to engage the Harvest for Christ.



Pastor Jack and Jhael met on the college campus of Azusa Pacific University in 1995. After two and half years of dating they decided to get married on January 3rd, 1998. Marriage has been a blessing for Jack and Jhael as they continue to grow and invest into their four boys. Their names from oldest to youngest are: Jacob, Jeremiah, Josiah and Joel. They are the "J" family!



Jhael Hakimian is currently finishing up her degree in education. She is the Executive Director of the Amazing Youth After School Program. She occasionally substitutes as a teacher for Miami-Dade School District. Also, she leads the Impact Praise Team, well as the administrative needs of her husband. She has studied Bible and Ministry at Life Pacific College, well as music ministry at Azusa Pacific University.


She has over 15 years of experience working with youth, women and music ministry. Jhael is half Panamanian and African-American and was a long time resident of Pembroke Pines in South Florida before she went to college in LA and came back to do holistic ministry. She has a special burden to see revival in Florida! Her real passion is to disciple ladies and to raise up her boys to know and love God personally.



Pastor Jack Hakimian has over 15 years of ministry experience in diverse cultural settings and age groups. He has served with Armenian, African, Hispanic and Anglo Americans. Well as the Hip Hop sub-culture. He led a church plant called Celebration Bible Church (West Covina, CA) in 1998 that merged with another local church in 2001. He worked as a youth evangelist with Youth For Christ (San Dimas, CA) and as a youth volunteer worker for Calvary Chapel Golden Springs (Diamond Bar, CA). He worked with at-risk boys as a counselor. He broadcasted a live television program to a quarter million homes every Saturday for 2 1/2 years in Los Angeles. 


He graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Ministry from Life Pacific College. In 2008 he graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Masters of Arts in Cross Cultural Studies with an emphasis on Urban Transformation. Jack is half Lebanese Armenian and West African Liberian.

He became a Christian in the LA County Jail. He was delivered from a life of gangs, drugs and rebellion (WATCH HIS VIDEO TESTIMONY). His life experiences have placed a burden to reach families, youth and to equip the church for evangelism and discipleship through micro-church experience.



Together they minister as a family with the Impact Ministry Team!